Board of Directors


Board of Directors is the governing body of the Company, with full authority on behalf of the Company to decide and implement the rights and obligations of the Company that not under the jurisdiction of the General Meeting of Shareholders. Board of Directors of the Company has 07 members, each member's maximum term of office is 05 years. Chairman of Board of Directors elected by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors has the following powers:

- To decide on the organizational structure of the Company.

- To decide on the strategy, development plan and annual business plan of the Company.

- To decide on offering new shares within the number of shares to be offered for each type, to decide on capital mobilization in other forms; to propose the types of shares that may be released and the total shares issued by each type.

- To appoint, dismiss, monitor the activities of the Board of Directors and managerial staffs in operating the daily business activities of the Company.

- To propose a rate of annual dividend and determine a rate of temporary dividend; to decide the deadline and procedures for payment of dividends; to handle the arising loss during business.

- To propose the reorganization, dissolution or require to bankrupt the Company