Board of Management


Board of Management  includes 01 General Director, 02 Deputy General Directors. General Director appointed by Board of Directors, who is mainly and solely responsible before the Board of Directors for all production and business activities of the Company. Deputy General Directors appointed as proposed by the Board of Directors.

Tasks and powers:

- Implementing the resolutions of the Board of Directors and the General Meeting of Shareholders, business plans and investment plans of the Company has been passed by Board of Directors and General Meeting of Shareholders.

- Signing and implementing economic contracts, civil contracts and other contracts for production and business activities and other activities of the Company.

- Proposing the number and types of managerial staffs that the company needs to hire so that Board of Directors appoints or dismisses if necessary to implement best management practices as well as the structure  proposed by the Board of Directors and advise Board of Directors to decide the level of salary, remuneration, benefits and other terms in labor contract of managerial staffs.

- Refering to the Board of Directors to decide the number of employees, salary, allowances and benefits, appointment, dismissal and other terms related to the labor contract of the employee .

- Preparing the annual and monthly long-term estimates of the company for the annual and monthly long-term management activities of the Company according to business plan.