Board of Supervisors


The Board of Supervisors is an independent functional department from the Board of Directors and the Board of Management. The Board of Supervisors is elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders, on behalf of the General Meeting of Shareholders to supervise all production and business activities of the Company, directly report to General Meeting of Shareholders. The Board of Supervisors of the Company comprises 03 members for a term of 05 years.

Rights and Obligations:

- To advise the Board of Directors on the appointment of an independent audit company, the audit fee and all problems relating to the resignation or dismissal of the independent audit company; discuss with the independent auditors about the nature and scope of the audit before the audit begins.

- To check the annual, six month and quarterly financial statements before submitting them to the Board of Directors.

- To discuss the difficult and existing problems found from the mid-term or final audit results, as well as all the problems that independent auditors wish to discuss.

- To consider the reports of the Company on the internal control system before it approved by the Board of Directors.