Overview of beef cattle husbandry


The Company has begun its operation in the beef cattle husbandry sector since the middle of 2014, and selected Australian cattle as the Company’s flagship product for the initial stage.  The Company imported beef cattle for fattening and cattle for breeding from Australia after the Company and its slaughter partners had met the standards of the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (or ESCAS), an assurance system that requires exporters to have commercial arrangements with supply chain partners to provide humane treatment and handling of livestock from arrival in the importing country up to the point of slaughter.

For the livestock feed, the Company has Pakchong 1 elephant grass grown to adequately supply food for livestock and makes full use of the agricultural by-products such as sugarcane bud, molasses, corn, corn stalks, palm oil fronds and residues, making the livestock farming more self-contained. In addition, to improve the efficiency of husbandry, the Company conducts trials of planting many different types of crops and grasses to choose which one is suitable for use as feed and implements periodic inspections of quality and nutritional composition of foods in the animal feed laboratory of ​​the Company.