Customer & Distribution


The rubber  latex harvested from the plantation is processed into the block form under Standard Vietnamese Rubber (SVR) for sale. Rubber business is at an advantage as Vietnam is in the vicinity of major rubber markets. Much of Vietnam’s rubber exports have gone to neighboring China and Malaysia, which had imported 160,430 and 54,244 tons of Vietnamese rubber respectively in 2014, and India was followed in importing 90,000 tons. Other rubber importers of Vietnam include many developed countries such as the United States, Taiwan, Germany, and South Korea.  In 2014, Vietnamese rubber was exported to 86 different markets (72 markets in 2013). There are 250 Vietnamese exporters of rubber latex representing 60% of quantity and 61.5% of value.

As a big company with a well-known brand and lucrative financial source, the Company can guarantee a large and stable supply of latex, thus gaining more competitive advantage in the consumption market