In Viet nam


Community programs of HAGL Agrico in Vietnam  has mainly focused on developing infrastructure and education service; providing health care services; making donation to poverty alleviation funds in the locality and meeting other practical needs.

HAGL Agrico has contributed to construction  of many cultural projects in Gia Lai province, and upgraded Pleiku stadium into a modern center of sport activities to serve the needs of the people. HAGL Agrico also set the goals to contribute to the construction of education and nurture the kindergartens when the company invested in the construction of Le Anh Xuan Primary School, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City with total funding of 10 billion VND.

HAGL Agrico has taken in part in "Joining hands to build a better society" program by sponsoring such programs as: "Joining efforts to overcome bomb and mine aftermath" Fund, "Spring at Frontier" Program helping border soldiers stand firm to protect the country; Fund for the Poor, Education Promotion Fund, Flood Prevention, the Provincial Blind Association as well as donating gifts and rice to the poor living at Gia Lai's villages and districts, etc.

The Company also regularly coordinates with HAGL Arsenal JMG Football Academy and HAGL football club to organize charity programs in Vietnam: Visiting and giving gifts to disabled children in Thi Nghe Child Welfare Center, participating in the program "Thuy's Dream" organized by Tuoi Tre newspaper to help cancer patients at the Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital and Children Hospital.