Closed network of crop-livestock farming


The closed network of crop-livestock farming enables HAGL Agrico to  maximally take advantage of new products and by-products obtained from the Company's operating sectors, optimize operational productivity while minimizing the wastes, reducing production costs, and creating the competitive advantage for output products.

Specifically, the Company used the crop's by-products such as molasses, grain and corn stalks, sugarcane as feed for cattle. Waste water in rubber manufacturing plant, sugar processing plant after being processed also used to irrigate the crops. For wastes of cattle, the Company conducts the microbiological composting for fertilizing crops.

In addition, byproducts such as bagasse, corn stalks, leaves and oil palm residues are utilized to generate the electricity used for the entire project area of ​​agriculture and production of the Company. Currently power thermal plants operated by bagasse with capacity of 30MW have already been put into operation and entered into the national grid of Laos. Thermal power plant with a capacity of 4 MW operated by byproducts of corn and oil  palm has been completed in Cambodia and prepared to put into operation in order to create an active and stable production